Escorts Tractors: New 80 & 90 HP Farmtrac Tractors Launched in Europe & US

Escorts Ltd, India’s leading tractor manufacturer, announced the launch of new range of FT 6080 Pro and FT 6090 Pro Farmtrac tractors in 80 & 90 HP category simultaneously in Italy and Mexico at EIMA, International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening, Bologna, and at Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato, Irapuato, respectively.

These new Escorts tractors are technology marvel with value for money for farmers worldwide.

Custom manufactured for world farmers, Farmtrac FT 6080 Pro & FT 6090 Pro tractors are cost efficient high end machines with state of art technology. These tractors have the edge of unchallenged fuel economy backed by zero RPM drop in engine, lifting capacity upto 3000 kg, cold start ability at -15˚ C and special features for paddy cultivation.

Escorts Ltd offers a strong mix of Indian engineering and R&D excellence coupled with world class designs for agri machinery markets worldwide.

Speaking on the new launch, Ravi Menon, Chief Executive Officer, Escorts Agri Machinery, said, “Escorts Ltd has always aimed at providing farmers with advanced agricultural equipment, which have the best value for money. With our new Global Transformation Vision 2020, we wish to change the way farmers globally, perceive farming, by producing tractors with value-proposition of fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

Rajiv Wahi, further saying, “Our new range of Farmtrac tractors are positioned to fill the often perceived market gap in the category. We have also strengthened our global networks to effectively cater to farmer demands in newer geographies. Our Farmtrac has been well recognized as an international brand and we are proud to take India’s technological excellence to the world.”