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Tractor News: KIOTI Tractor Expands Field Option Cab Pairing Capabilities

KIOTI Tractor, a division of Daedong-USA, Inc., is expanding its Field Option Cab operator pairings to suit models in the CS Series, CK10 Series, DK10 Series, and UTVs. Previously offered exclusively for the CK Series, Field Option Cabs can now be paired with new or existing KIOTI tractors and utility vehicle (UTV) models.

The latest KIOTI Field Option Cabs and pairing models include:
CK10 Field Cab: CK2610, CK3510, CK4010

CS Field Cab: CS2210, CS2410, CS2510

CK2510 Field Cab: CK2510

UTV Field Cab: MECHRON® 2200, MECHRON® 2200 PS

DK10 Field Cab: DK4510, DK5010, DK5510

In addition to expanding their compatibility, the cab units can now be attached and detached at KIOTI Tractor dealerships. Prior to the expansion, the units were stationary and installed only during the manufacturing process without the ability to re-attach the cab. This feature grants the UTV or tractor operator with the option of suiting their machine for seasonal changes or to their general discretion.

The KIOTI Field Option Cab features a variety of standard options permitting a comfortable and convenient operating experience including a heater (optional on UTV), noise reduction kit, dome lamp, wipers with washer fluid switch, side mirrors, and opening front glass.

The KIOTI Field Option Cab is available now at participating KIOTI Tractor dealerships.

Source: KIOTI Tractor