Massey Ferguson Launches High-clearance Utility Tractor

AGCO Corporations a worldwide brand Massey Ferguson® is introducing a high-clearance (HC) utility tractor to meet the needs of specialty crop growers throughout Central California and other specialty crop regions of North America.

The Massey Ferguson 4610M High-clearance Utility Tractor delivers the crop clearance growers need to care for high-value crops such as berries, broccoli, potatoes, tobacco and many other types of produce without damaging the crop.

The tractor is available through Massey Ferguson dealers and will be configured to fit the needs of each individual operation.

The MF4610M HC models are rugged, efficient, dependable tractors that bring professional produce operations cost-effective new choices to meet their production and business needs.

Features of The MF4610M HC models:
1) A tractor with versatility : Tractors are designed with versatility to fit many needs. Weighing more than four tons, the tractors boast 100 engine HP, a long wheelbase and excellent power-to-weight ratio for stability in the field.
To provide the ultimate in speed control for slow-paced field operations, an 18x18 power shuttle transmission with six creeper gears is standard on the MF4610M HC.

2) Updated technology improves power management and lowers emissions : The tractors are powered by a Tier 4, three-cylinder engine from AGCO Power™. The engine features four valves per cylinder to improve airflow and enhance the fuel/air mixture.
Electronic engine management is incorporated into the power system with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel injection system

3) Operator’s station improves ease of use, comfort and visibility : The open, streamlined operator station has a highly illuminated digital instrument panel which makes it easy for the operator to monitor engine RPMs as well as the engagement of other key machine functions.