Tractor Implements: Tractor Dozer by Yogiraj Engineering Company

YOGIRAJ offers a very excellent range of Dozer for the customers. A Dozer is essentially used to excavate the ground to a lower depth and push in front of itself the excavated material.

A tractor fitted with a blade in front of hydraulically operated which is capable of both tilting and angling it gives a variations in the angle of the vertical-axial planes of tractor.

YOGIRAJ Dozer is fitted on tractor as per horsepower equipment to the flywheel horsepower to which the tractor is capable of delivering.

Dozer shall be attached on different size and capacity (HP) of old and new tractors all type of company make (two wheel and four wheel drive).

Features of YOGIRAJ Dozer:
It is designed for quick and easy to detach from the tractor within less time

It is sturdily mounted on load bearing components of the tractor, to ensure proper distribution of load on front & rear axles to avoid undue twisting forces on the tractor.

It is designed & fabricated out of prime quality and high strength steel which gives more strength and high perform.

Specially designed box type blade for better levelling performance & low damages provided hardened cutting edge with twin edge, this give more strength, long life and low replacement cost.

It having direction control valve with inbuilt relief valve, this prevents overloading of tractors hydraulic system.

In this dozer a routine maintenance point of the tractor is easily accessible, easy & time saving maintenance operation so tractor can repair easily.

Product Range
Mini Dozer : Below 40 H.P.
Mini Dozer : Below 40 H.P.
Medium Dozer : Between 40 to 52 H.P.
Heavy Dozer : Between 55 to 60 H.P.
Super Heavy Dozer : Above 69 H.P

Specification of Dozer:

Description Dim. in Ft.
Maximum Working Height 28''
Cutting Depth 4''
Blade Length 7'.7''
Blade height 2'.3''