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Trimble’s launches automated tractors to plough

US-based Trimble will launch automated steering equipment for farming in a year in India, a top official said. When commercialised, Trimble may become the first company to offer this product in the country.

The company ran a pilot in North India for six months. It is now working with partners to localise the technology for and make it cost-effective.

Localised product
“We will focus on small tractors and localise the product based on the needs and demands in India. That way we will be able to bring down the cost,” Henry Munoz, Vice-President, Global Business Development, Trimble Inc.

The tractors will be equipped with GPS, sensors, controller and display screen. In addition to helping farmers steer the tractor with ease, these add-ons will help them make informed decisions based on parameters such as soil fertility recorded by the GPS.

Satellite coverage
Keeping in line with the launch, Trimble has made a significant investment in putting additional satellite coverage over India.

With 2,50,000 successful product installations across 100 countries, Trimble is looking to replicate the success in India. “In India precision agriculture is yet to take off. So, the penetration is low and still in early stages of adoption. There is a huge potential for growth,” he said.

The company is also keen on partnering with, and acquiring, start-ups and outfits that offer complementary technology.

Mike Dentinger, Director of AG OEM Development, Agriculture Division, Trimble Inc, said that the company would look for partners, OEMs and farming communities which can take the value proposition to the farmer.

“It makes sense to work with someone who already has contact with farmers,” he said.