Case IH Introduce the 2160 Early Riser Planter

Case IH is introduce the 2160 Early Riser planter as part of its 2000 series Early Riser planter portfolio. Available in 32- and 36-row options, producers can choose from four configurations equipped with either the new steerable Rowtrac™ Carrier System or traditional wheeled-carrier option.

In addition to available track technology, the 2160 Early Riser planter features the factory integration of the industry’s most accurate planter technologies and an all-new rugged row unit designed for fast, uniform emergence at speeds up to 10 mph.

The steerable Rowtrac Carrier System include:
- Increased flotation reduces compaction and improves yield potential in challenging field conditions.
- Industry-first three-axis steerable track solution provides better maneuverability and a smoother toolbar ride compared with wheeled carriers.
- One set of track paths controls in-field traffic and reduces pinch-row compaction from dual wheels.
- Fore-aft track oscillation provides excellent ground contact and weight distribution on undulating terrain.
- Side camber promotes even wear and extended track life through uneven terrain and roading.

High-efficiency Planting:
The 2160 Early Riser planter continues the accuracy, durability and simplicity found throughout the 2000 series Early Riser lineup. Toolbars from 60 to 90 feet allow producers to move quickly from field to field with the flexibility and technology they need to speed up planting without sacrificing agronomic performance.

The 2160 Early Riser planter include:
- Rugged row unit built for unrivaled accuracy and dependability — up to 10 mph, depending on field conditions.
- 26-inch toolbar clearance, plus a 60 percent increase in vertical row unit travel to accommodate rapid terrain changes.
- Factory-integrated Case IH and Precision Planting® technology, including vSet® 2 meter with vDrive® electric drive, DeltaForce® hydraulic down force, SpeedTube®, CleanSweep® air cylinders, and granular and liquid fertilizer options.
- Automatic and in-cab adjustments and tool-free crop changes help to quickly adapt to in-field conditions.