Key Features of the New Mahindra JIVO Tractor

Mahindra launches JIVO, which is a new small tractor platform. The new Mahindra JIVO is equipped with key features for more benefits:
- Fuel efficient Mahindra DI engine – Best-in-class fuel efficiency
- Automatic Depth & Draft Control (ADDC) – Ideal for land preparation activities
- 8 Forward + 4 Reverse transmission – More speed options to choose from
- Side shift gears – Open floor space & comfortable gear shifting
- High ground clearance – Useful in crop care applications
- 4WD – More traction even on wet fields
- 2 Speed PTO – Improves rotavator application
- 750 KG lift capacity – Best in class lift allows the farmer to operate bigger implements
- High top speed of 25 KMPH – More trips to move farm produce
- Highest PTO power – For continuous spraying in Vineyard applications

The Mahindra JIVO 245 4WD will also be available in unique two tone red & silver sheet metal and will be equipped with Mahindra DiGiSENSE technology which will enable farmers to get updates on their tractors’ performance as well alerts on a real time basis.

Going forward, a 20 HP 2WD product has been planned on the JIVO platform, which will be launched around September 2017. The Mahindra JIVO will be available across the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat starting from April 25, 2017 and will shortly be available in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.