New Tractors in India

Mahindra will Launch Biodiesel Tractor.

India’s leader in Farm Equipment Sector – Mahindra launched India’s first bio-diesel tractor. It is these technological innovations that have kept Mahindra’s at the forefront of rural development. Created entirely through indigenous R & D at Mahindra Tractors, the bio-diesel B5 tractor is yet another first in the Farm Equipment Sectors long line of achievements including the first tractor manufacturer in the world to be awarded the Japanese JQM award for quality.

Mr. Sanjeev Goyle, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Farm Equipment Sector, said, Mahindra Tractors have always been in the forefront of technology-driven innovation. The development of the bio-diesel tractor is an outcome of our relentless R & D and commitment towards fuel conservation and a clean environment. Mahindra as a responsible corporate citizen is completely committed to fuel conservation and evolution of alternate forms of environment-friendly products now and in the future.

Use of bio-diesel fuel in conventional diesel engines results in substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter compared to regular diesel oil. It has better lubrication capabilities, zero aromatics and minimal sulphur. It is safer to handle and use as it has much higher flash point than diesel oil. Biodegradability and non-toxic nature of the material is another great advantage with respect to its use in farming applications and does not dry out hands or burn eyes like diesel exhaust fumes do.

Bio-diesel technology in Mahindra vehicles is a result of Mahindra’s tireless research and world-class expertise in India’s alternate fuel and engine development domains. Mahindra’s tractor division has been the market leader in India and the frontrunner in serving the needs of rural development. Mahindra had initiated its Bio-Diesel program for Tractors some time back and the 5% bio-diesel option is a result of this evolution. The bio-diesel range of tractors will be rolled out in a phased manner across various geographical locations.