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New Orchard Tractor by Kubota

This little master A211N NARROW, is a real workhorse with 21HP, E-TVCS Engine. Now Orchard and Interculture is more easier and profitable.

This tractor is equipped by four wheel drive with Japanese technology and superior performance on field. In addition, it provides more space for driving comfort, more working hours with less fatigue.

- Full open bonnet helps for easy maintenance.
- Reliable diesel engine- 21HP, E-TVCS, liquid cooled, 3 cylinder diesel engine.
- Better pick up and higher torque & Maximum speed upto 19.9km
- Transmission-DST-Type Clutch (diaphragm Spring Type)
- Less noise and vibration compared to conventional clutch
- 9 forward and 3 reverse gears
- Dual Speed PTO 540 rpm & 980 rpm
- Driving System: 4WD Tractor have more traction and driving power, which makes work proceed more efficiently. 4WD helps Faster cultivation, Quick planting time, lesser soil compaction resulting in increase yield and profit Compared to 2WD tractor
- Ease of working: Best Ground Clearance of 300mm, 910 mm rear width ,2.1 m turning radius. Easy maneuverability in narrow farms, is most suitable for inter cultivation.
- Farmer can use this even in case of intercrops due to 3 feet working width.

Source: Kubota