Plan to Launch New Platform under Eicher Brand

The Eicher brand tractor range will be expanded with two new platforms, said chairperson and Mallika Srinivasan, chief executive of Tafe after launching new Smart series and India's first premium compact utility tractor. This comes on the back drop of company's plan to start exporting Eicher brands.

Last year company tractor sell is 1.45 lakh units and this year the Rs 9,300 crore company, of which around Rs 8,000 crore tractor sales, targets to sell around 1.55 lakh tractors, including around 18,000-20,000 units outside India. Under Tafe brand, Tafe will be shipping out sizeable number of 100 hp tractors to African market.

Tafe has three brands 1.Massey Ferguson, 2.Eicher and 3.Tafe. Out of this the first two brands are sold in the domestic market and the Tafe branded tractors are for export markets like Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and parts of Europe. Company positioned the Massey Ferguson brand to showcase our technology and Eicher brand for robust performance.

The expectations of Srinivasan are that the industry would grow by around 6-8% in the next 3 years and growth of Tafe will be faster than industry's. The company is creating a new segment by launching a premium compact utility tractor.

Srinivasan also said "Farm operations are undergoing increased mechanisation as the labour is getting costlier and short. The 28 hp tractor will find use in orchard, haulage or range of infrastructure applications."

The vehicle has attachments like front end loader and backhoe. The company targets to sell around 1,000 units.

The company will redefine customer experience with respect to productivity, efficiency and return on investments with the new Smart series tractors. The company hopes to sell around 10,000 units in Smart series by end of 12 months, she said.