TAFE to Launch ‘SMART’ Massey Ferguson Tractor Series for 2016

Chennai: Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) is the World’s third largest tractor manufacturer. Now it will unveil its all-new Massey Ferguson (MF) ‘SMART’ series of tractors. Adapting to the evolving needs of its discerning customers this range of versatile and highly productive tractors in the 30-60 HP segment uses superior and futuristic technology and features international styling and ergonomics.

TAFE’s new MF ‘SMART’ series comes with a new range of transmission options that promises adaptability to any application or usage ensuring increased productivity with operator comfort and it is engineered with inputs from farmers. Some of the highlights of this range include TAFE’s signature transmissions, 12 speed RototracTM, 16 speed SuperShuttleTM and 16 speed ComfimeshTM. These tractors come equipped with a superior HAVTM Dual clutch and they are suitable for extensive heavy duty applications like loader, dozer and for haulage and harvesting.

The new FST engines carry forward the Massey Ferguson legacy of high performance with super economy and they are with the matching transmissions. The Massey Ferguson brand is recognized globally for its hydraulics. For quick lifting of heavy load, the SMART series is further upgraded to offer unmatched hydraulic capacity through its unique COMBIBOOST system.

To deliver better yield, productivity and operating cost, the eSMART HYDRAULICS TM, uses precision electro-hydraulics. To makes it suitable for Powervator and all PTO applications, the DTRB PTO boosts farm power. The flex-links ensure SMART hitching and unhitching of equipment, adding to the overall ease of use and delightful experience of operating the tractor. Customized hitch rails and oil-pipe kits for tipping trolleys as factory-fits make this an ideal tractor for haulage applications.

The new operator station offers SMART international styling and unmatched operator ergonomics. The new SMART range is equipped with both, 2 Wheel Drive (2WD) and 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) variants across the range with G4–4WD and T5–2WD, axle options.

Some Feature of MF SMART Series:
eSMART HYDRAULICS for precision farming, productivity and economy.
iLEADTM technology – the new SMART key with electronic - Lead, Locate and Locking technology.
Transmission options - 12 or 16 speed with shuttle options that augment versatility, productivity and comfort.
SMART style and ergonomics with full front opening, ergonomic controls and contoured knobs.

Source: http://www.tafe.com/