New Tractors in India

Kubota Will Launch New Multi-Purpose Tractors in India

Kubota Corporation will launch tractors in India not only for agricultural use but also for transportation of crops and civil engineering materials.

India holds the world's largest tractor market with a demand of 600,000 units per year. Tractors in India are used all year round not only for agricultural purpose but also for transportation of crops and civil engineering materials with pulling trailers.

Kubota has developed a new multi-purpose tractor specialized in this particular usage by the Indian market. This Indian model is heavier than our current lineup, with strong traction and excellent durability. Kubota will start full scale expansion in India with this new tractor.

Kubota is expanding its global business in upland field farming. Kubota has already entered the European upland field farming market on a full scale by establishing a large-tractor factory in France. By also entering the Asian upland farming market, Kubota accelerates its worldwide growth in the agricultural machinery business.

Source: Kubota