Tractor Attachments

Maize Combine Harvester by Preet Agro

Preet 7049

PREET 7049 is Maize Combine Harvester which is Self Propelled Combine Harvester.

Harvesting equipments are becoming popular in country like India because of increased labor scarcity and labor wages. Preet introduces combine harvester especially for maize crop by name- Preet 7049. Features are mentioned below.
- Heavy Duty 5 Speed Single Lever Gear Box
- Single Sheet Burm
- Stainless Steel Elevators
- Heavy Duty Double Reel
- Tilt Steering
- Wide Straw Walker
- Extra Cpacity Diesel Tank
- Thorough Threshing.
- Clear Separation.
- No Grain Breakage.
- High Grain Cleanness.
- Small Turning Radius.
- Power Steering.
- Easy to Maintain.
- Suitable for Maize & Sunflower.
- Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
- Well adaptation to the crops of slightly wet, lodged, or hard to thresh.
- New Attractive Graphics.
- Powder Coated Paint.