Tractor Attachments

Tractor-mounted Multipurpose Implement for Sugarcane by IISR

Tractor-mounted multipurpose equipment for sugarcane has been developed by IISR, Lucknow Centre of AICRP on FIM. There are two versions of this equipment.

The first model is a three-row sugarcane planter mode. The equipment can be used as (i) 9-tyne cultivator, (ii) for intercultural operation, and (iii) earthing-up operations with minor adjustments. It can also be used as seed drill and paddy puddler. Attachments costing Rs 1,600 and Rs 4,000 are needed to use the equipment as seed-drill and puddler, respectively.

The second model is basically a two-row sugarcane planter. For land preparation the equipment can be used as tractor-operated 9- tyne cultivator. For interculture it can be used for intercultural operation in sugarcane field. The field capacity in interculture mode is 0.72 ha/hr.

Three inter-row spaces are intercultured in a single pass. For earthing-up, three-rows of cane can be covered by this equipment with a field capacity of 0.66 ha/hr. For puddling, beater type sub-unit is mounted with the main frame of the equipment having field capacity of 0.35 ha/hr.

The tractor-drawn multipurpose equipment was tested in interculture mode for sugarcane (Copt 90223) spaced at 750 mm. The forward speed of operation, field capacity and cane damage were 4.20 km/hr, 0.72 ha/hr and 3.5%, respectively.

The earthing-up mode of tractor-drawn multipurpose equipment was tested for sugarcane with row spacing of 750 mm. At tractor forward speed of operation of 4 km/hr, the field capacity was 0.66 ha/hr. The working width of equipment was 2,500 mm.

This machine can perform six functions by fitting different attachments. It can work as two- or three-row sugarcane cutter planter, nine row cultivator, interculture equipment, puddling equipment, earthing equipment, paddy-puddler and seed-drill.

Demonstrations were organized for farmers and manufacturers under different soil and crop conditions in 80 ha. The manufacturing of multipurpose equipment has been taken up by M/s Sunrise Industries, Barabanki who have already marketed 50 units.

Source: IISR, Lucknow