Tractor Insurance

L & T Insurance for Tractors: Jeevika Commercial and Miscellaneous Vehicles Package Policy

Jeevika Vehicle Package Policy is comprehensive solutions that will not just protect tractors against various vehicle damages.

Loss of or Damage to your vehicle
It provides for the loss of your vehicle or any damage caused to it owing to any of the following events

- Accident by external means
- Burglary or Theft of the vehicle
- Fire, Explosion, Self-Ignition, Lightning
- Terrorism, Riots, Strikes, Malicious Acts
- Whilst the vehicle is being conveyed by road, rail, inland waterways, air or lift
- Earthquake, Flood, Storm, Landslide or Rockslide etc

Liability to third parties
The policy would also cover your legal liability arising out of an Injury / Death of a third party and Property Damage of a third party in case of an accident involving your vehicle.

Personal accident covers for the owner-driver
The policy also provides for a mandatory Personal Accident Cover for Owner Driver covering Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability.

Source: L & T Insurance