Tractor Spare Parts

Identification of New Holland Original Spare Parts

The three major platforms employed for easy parts identification:

• Exclusively designed packing box for visual authentication
• Price Label with QR Code for secure tracking systems and easy traceability
• Optically variable devices (OVDs) in the form of holograms on Part / Part Packing

Exclusive Parts Packing
Exclusively designed and crafted for easy identification and inconceivable presentation with
• CNH original parts logo on top of the box
• Bubble design dressing four faces of the box
• CNH original parts and fiat industrial band alternately marking the base of the box

Price Label with QR Code
Scan it with smart phone to check encoded information of part number, description, packaging date, quantity, unit MRP etc.

3D Hologram
You can check variation in visibility of channel 1, channel 2 and channel 3 images on moving from angle 1 to angle 3.

SourceNew Holland