Tractor Subsidy

Government Providing Subsidy On The Hire Charges of Tractors.

Panaji: The agriculture department has introduced a scheme that provides a subsidy on the hire charges of tractors taken from private tractor owners or from farmers' clubs or farmer’s societies. This scheme is given to farmers to boost agriculture further.

Farmers can also hire tractors assisted by the agriculture department on payment of 50% hire charges which are 500 per hour against which a maximum subsidy of 250 per hour will be paid by the department, said S Tendulkar, Agriculture director.

By the government, private tractors registered with clubs and societies will be given maintenance assistance to the extent of 40,000 per tractor provided they are used for at least 500 hours by farmers in a year.

To receive the benefits under the scheme, those groups or farmers who have taken tractors with government assistance should register themselves with the zonal agriculture officer or the mechanical cultivation officer.

Tendulkar also told that the department is providing 90% subsidy to the solar powered battery fencing, is gaining popularity among Goan farmers.