Tractor Coolants

Total Oil Launches Tractor Oil-Tractagri

Total Oil India Ltd. launched Tractagri, a new tractor oil for better tractor performance and maintenance in two varients- Tractagri XPL and Tractagri XEP.

High performance multi-grade diesel engine oil designed specifically for Tractors

- Powered by Synthetic Technology, it’s CARBON ARREST FORMULA helps to deliver Extra Power & Longer Life
- Provides Longer Drain Intervals (400hrs – 500 hrs)
- Ensures best engine performance under heavy load not only during farming applications but also while driving on road
- Adapted to operate under high RPMs and high temperature – typical condition inside a Tractor Engine

APPLICATION: All new generation Tractors (primarily Turbo-charged)

Premium multi-grade diesel engine oil recommended and approved by Mahindra & Mahindra

It’s OPTI-FILM FORMULA ensures that optimum film thickness is maintained between all moving parts of the engine throughout its operation leading to reduced overall friction inside the engine. Reduced friction results in :
- Reduction in engine wear & tear
- Effective cooling of engine
- Smoother engine operation
Thus providing extra engine performance

Application: All Mahindra Tractors

Source: Total Oil