Tractor Coolants

New Tractor Engine Coolant by Castrol

Castrol Coolant is a high quality cooling system conditioner offering corrosion protection for vehicle cooling systems in warmer climates, where freezing protection is not required. It is suitable for all conventional cooling systems in automobile petrol and diesel engines. Castrol Coolant is a water based formulation containing special organic acid technology. It contains low levels of ethylene glycol and is free from silicates, nitrites, amines and phosphates, minimizing its environmental impact.

Castrol Coolant is supplied as a concentrate and requires dilution to 33% with demineralised water before use.

For maximum performance Castrol Coolant should be diluted with demineralised water in the ratio 33% Castrol Coolant: 67% demineralised water.

Castrol Coolant offers the following benefits:
• Prevents rust and corrosion of all metal system components.
• Provides good lubrication of the water pump.
• Superior heat transfer properties which helps to maintain optimum engine temperartures
• Prevents foaming & cavitation erosion
• Neutralizes acidic corrosion products
• Extends life of cooling system
For continued performance it is recommended to change this coolant every 12 months.

Castrol Coolant has a shelf life of 2 years when stored in air tight containers at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Containers should not be stored outside in direct sunlight. This product can be stored in mild steel lacquer lined containers but preferably HDPE containers. Galvanised containers and handling equipment should be avoided.