Tractor Coolants

Tractor Engine Coolant by United Petrochem

United Petrochem brings high quality tractor coolant for farmer.

It produces four types of tractor coolant:
1. Heavy Duty Anti Corrosion Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax Royal)

2. Anti Freeze Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax Xtra Life)<

3. Heavy Duty Long Life Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax HD)

4. Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax Ready Mix)

Tractor Engine Coolant, commonly called antifreeze, this specially formulated liquid flows around the cylinders through hollow passages in the metal engine block called the water jacket. The coolant absorbs the heat from combustion, and then continues through the cylinder head out to the other cooling system components where it transfers heat to the atmosphere.

Selection of appropriate tractor coolant is very important to maintain tractor engine in good condition

Source: United Petrochem Pvt. Ltd