New Tractor Series and New 540R Loader Introduced by John Deere

John Deere introduces its new 5R Series Tractors that leverage existing technologies.

New 5R Series Tractors, to provide customers with unrivaled manoeuvrability, an easy-to-use transmission, increased visibility, loader integration, and operator comfort.

5R Series Tractors
- A 7.4-foot wheelbase paired with a 60-degree steering angle, provides a tight turning radius of 12.1 feet. Customers working in confined areas such as barns, will be able to easily maneuver in tight areas increasing their productivity.
- Shifting is virtually effortless with two fully electronic transmission options, CommandQuad™ Manual and Command8™.
- Using a multi-range selection, the operator can toggle from B range through D range without stopping.
- Base equipment also includes AutoClutch™, leveraged from our larger row-crop tractors.
- Upward visibility has been improved 80 percent through the Premium Panorama cab roof, compared to a John Deere 5M Tractor with the Premium Cab.
- Forward visibility is 7 percent better thanks to single-piece front windshield, making it ideal for loader applications.
- Six halogen work lights (two front, two rear, and two side) are included as standard equipment to shine brightly and improve visibility in low-light conditions.

John Deere 540R Loader.
- The loader's automatic mast latch, single-point hydraulic connection, remote implement latch and slide-slung self-leveling links provide an integrated loader experience for the 5R Tractor operator.
- Removal or installation of the loader can be accomplished with a single trip out of the cab.
- Latch system that automatically connects the loader once contact is made between the loader boom and mounting frames, simplifying the connection process.
- To improve loader operation, a mechanical or electrohydraulic loader joystick option is integrated into the swivel seat.
- Gear-shift buttons and a joystick reverser are built into the loader joystick control.