Kubota Canada Ltd. introduces the next generation of its M7 series

Markham, Ontario – As part of its mission to better serve farmers and other producers across Canada, Kubota Canada Ltd. (KCL) is thrilled to launch the second generation of its M7 series, the latest addition to its range of high-powered utility tractors.

The lineup consists of four different models designed with specifications, features and options to meet the many different requirements of the Canadian market. These models include the Standard, Premium and Premium KVT that are familiar to the M7-1, and a new model called the Deluxe. The Deluxe model combines Premium model features such as the 29gpm closed-centre hydraulic system with the simplicity of operation found on the Standard models, offering the best of both worlds.

Like Kubota’s other high-performance tractors, the new M7-2 Series embodies the manufacturer’s commitment to innovation. “The new M7 tractors are equipped with the latest features to increase efficiency and productivity.” said Kyle Dabrowski, Product Specialist, Agricultural Division, Kubota Canada. “We are excited to introduce the Deluxe model to our lineup. In listening to our customers and dealers, we developed the Deluxe to have simple and intuitive cab controls and to feature our premium hydraulic system.”

New 30F/15R semi-powershift transmission, with 6 speeds per range
With 30 forward and 15 reverse gears, the new semi-power shift transmission gives the operator more options to find the right gear for the job and maximize productivity. An increase to 6 powershift speeds provides a larger working range resulting in less range shifting. The enhanced auto-shift feature automatically evaluates the engine load and switches to the appropriate gear, adjusting the engine output. This allows the tractor to reach travel speed more quickly and with less shifting.

Exceptional comfort and user-friendliness
Ergonomics are key for long days in the fields, and Kubota tractors are designed to optimize operator comfort. With the flow rate adjustment dials at the rear of the tractor now positioned to be within easy reach while seated in both the Standard and Deluxe models, Kubota enables operators to save time and energy without compromising on comfort. The M7-2 series’ new pressurized cab provides an almost unimpeded view and features a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with 25% greater air flow. The cab has also been enhanced with better soundproofing and a new seat with more cushioning and a wider range of adjustments.

Source: https://kubota.ca/