ZF's New Innovation Tractor Detects Trailers Automatically

German automotive components manufacturer ZF is going to focus on the areas of artificial intelligence and cloud-based solutions, demonstrating how technology from the automotive sector can be applied to industrial applications such as wind turbines, agricultural machinery and cable cars.

One of the technology forward products the company will be showcasing is its Innovation Tractor. ZF sensor and actuator technology not only allows the tractor to be maneuvered via tablet, but also enables it to detect trailers automatically and move to the correct coupling position at the push of a button.

Member of the Board of Management of ZF Friedrichshafen Wilhelm Rehm said, “By networking intelligent and self-learning systems, we’re entering a whole new dimension.”

Another of this year’s highlights will be ZF ProAl, an electronic control unit co-developed by Nvidia and ZF. Based on a supercomputing platform, it brings artificial intelligence within the reach of the mobility and industry sectors.

Source: http://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com