Tractor Users Safety Guide

Tractor Safety Guide: Tractor Maintenance Precautions

- Reviewing tractor operator’s manual for specific maintenance schedules and requirements.
During the repair of any machinery, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn. (Helmets, goggles, gloves, hearing protection, and safety shoes.) Baggy clothing should be avoided, as it can more easily be caught in rotating machine areas.
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Tractor Safety Guide: Basic Safety Procedures Before Tractor Start

Tractor safety is applies to those working in farming, forestry, horticulture, amenity horticulture and the sports turf industry.
Simple but essential safety steps would have prevented most of the accidents on farm and can save tractor user's life.
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Tractor Safety Guide: Safety from Points of Hazard on Tractors.

Pinch Points: Points like belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, and feed rolls,
Pull-In Points: Pull-In Points include feed rolls, grinders, and forage harvesters. Never attempt to hand-feed materials into moving feed rollers.
Thrown Objects: Thrown Objects include rocks, stones, sticks, and pieces of chopped or cut crops.
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