Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachment- Wheat, Paddy and Fodder Harvester by ICAR

ICAR Developed tractor mounted, tractor attachment vertical conveyor reaper for wheat, paddy harvesting and fodder harvester cum chopper.
Tractor Front Mounted Vertical Conveyor Reaper
Tractor Mounted Fodder Harvester
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New Holland Launches Grape Harvester-Tractor Attachment

The new compact range of Braud grape harvesters meets the need of small sized vineyards, for machines with the dimensions and maneuverability to work with ease in their fields. The Braud 7030M and 8030L pack the proven Braud systems in a compact machine that delivers the performance and quality that are the hallmark of New Holland’s grape harvesters.
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Tractor Attachment-Sorghum Harvester Developed by PDKV

The cutting mechanism of tractor operated sorghum harvester was developed with the objectives to evaluate the performance of cutting unit regarding cutting and windrowing the stalks of sorghum crops and modifications during trials.
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Tractor-mounted Multipurpose Implement for Sugarcane by IISR

Tractor-mounted multipurpose equipment for sugarcane has been developed by IISR, Lucknow Centre of AICRP on FIM. There are two versions of this equipment.
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Tractor Loader- Telescopic Loader for Cotton by Kishan Loadera

Unloading attachment used with a Heavy duty range tractor 4WD of 55 to 70 HP capacity. This is a useful attachment for low weight work which requires large height Useful for cotton industries, construction, sugar industries etc.
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New Rice Transplanter by Kubota

There are three types of Kubota rice transplanter- NSP-4W (4 planting rows), NSPU-68C (6 planting rows), NSD8 (8 planting rows).
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Maize Combine Harvester by Preet Agro

Preet introduces combine harvester especially for maize crop by name- Preet 7049.
Harvesting equipments are becoming popular in country like India because of increased labor scarcity and labor wages.
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CLAAS unveils Tractor Attachment Combine Harvester-DOMINATOR 40

Claas, the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in India and the pioneer in multi-crop harvesting, did a series of launches of its new combine harvester, the DOMINATOR 40, in parts of South India. The launch took place at Chennai, Nellore and Davangere on the 4th August, 5th August and 4th September 2015, which are the major markets for Claas in the Southern region.
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CICR Developing Cotton Harvester Tractor Attachment with Indian manufacturer

The Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR) has developed the country's first indigenous, self-propelled stripper type cotton harvester, which is expected to give a new dimension to cotton harvesting on small farms (anywhere from 1 acre to 3 hectare). This stripper harvester is more suited for Indian cotton as compared to the imported spindle type harvester. The biggest advantage of the harvester is that it costs just one third and is also suitable for high density planting system (HDPS) cultivation technique.
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Sonalika Worldtrac

Sonalika Worldtrac 90 HP the Most Powerful 90 HP Tractors in India has overpowered in the 5 days Punjab International Tread Expo in Amritsar. The ultimate capacity and very attractive look of Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx, 2wd and Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx, 4wd, catch the attection of all visitors there for it invited huge foot fall at the sonalika stall in this trade expo The company is expecting substantial chunk of the market in this segment in the coming period soon. Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal also take a ride of this Power house which show the significance of the launch of this tractor in India.