Tractor Battery

TATA Green Battery for Tractors by TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd. (TGY)

Features if TATA Green Batteries,
- Easy to use vent plugs
- Yuasa Patentend container and cover design for long life
- High standard cell welding to ensure less shortage
- PE and Glass Mat Separators for long life
- More active material for higher CCA
- Retractable handle for ease in fitment

Battery TypeAhSalienceWarrantyMinimum OCV
Tractor Battery: Tata Green Battery

AMCO Tractor Batteries

Available AMCO Batteries of models are N120 MF, A75T MF, 12V75 Ah MF-24, N65 MF, 95D31R MF, A88TL MF, A100T MF, N120 MF, etc,

The introduction of ASA (Alpha Sulphonic Acid) Charge Boosters during the process of plate manufacturing, which helps the battery plates retain its dry charged properties for a longer duration compared to an ordinary process.

ASA-Charge Boosters enable the battery to get charged faster. They enhance the battery performance with minimum maintenance.

During the manufacturing process and assembly, AMCO Batteries undergo stringent tests like high rate discharge, shear test, air pressure test, capacity test, etc.


Tractor Battery: AMCO Tractor Batteries

Kubota Replacement Batteries for Tractors

Kubota is committed to providing high quality replacement batteries that will meet your needs.

Kubota tractor batteries are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance and backed by a no-hassle warranty.

Benefits of Kubota Batteries
1. Guaranteed Fresh Inventory – Regular inventory rotation provides a stronger, long-lasting battery
2. Advanced Technology – Deliver more life cycles
3. Negative Plate Paste Expander – Reduced damage caused by high temperatures and increases the overall number of starts
4. Sodium Sulfate Additive – Greatly improves recharge capability when battery has not been used for an extended period of time.

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Tractor Battery: Kubota Replacement Batteries