Tractor Maintenance

Tractor Maintenance : Maintenance Tips for Tractor

Tips for Daily Maintenance:
1. Tire pressure, wear or damage.
2. Engine and transmission oil, radiator and recovery tank, coolant and fuel level.
3. Implement and accessory blades and belts for wear and damage.
4. Abnormal noise or vibrations.
5. Parking brake, speed control lever, all safety switches and easy checker functions.
6. Oil or water leakage from tractor or implement.

Guidance for Biodiesel Fuel:
1. Blended diesel fuels containing 6% thru 20% Biodiesel fuel (B6 - B20) which comply with American Society of Testing Materials ASTM D7467-09a Standard, as revised, can be used.
2. Any mineral oil diesel fuel, if used, must conform to ASTM D975-09b Standard, as revised. B100 fuel used to make Biodiesel blended fuels must meet ASTM D6751-09a Standard, as revised.
3. Allowable blended fuel is mineral oil diesel fuel blended with B100 (i.e. 100% Biodiesel fuel). The blended fuel ratio shall be less than 20% B100 and 80% or more diesel fuel.
4. Before using Biodiesel fuel concentrations greater than B5, you are advised to replace the oil, oil filter and fuel filter with new oil and filters.

Short Duration Maintenance:
1. Keep the machine and supply of fuel in locked storage and remove the ignition key to prevent children or others from playing or tampering with them.
2. To reduce fire hazards, clean the machine thoroughly before storage. Dry grass and leaves around the engine and mufflers may ignite.
3. To avoid sparks from an accidental short circuit, always disconnect the battery's ground cable first and reconnect it last.

Long Duration Maintenance:
1. Check for loose bolts and nuts, and tighten if necessary.
2. Apply grease to machine areas where bare metal will rust. Also, apply grease to pivot areas.
3. Change the engine oil and run the engine for about five minutes to circulate oil throughout the engine block and internal moving parts.
4. Keep the machine in a dry place where the machine is sheltered from rain.
5. Store the machine indoors in a dry area that is protected from sunlight and excessive heat. If the machine is stored outdoors, cover it with a waterproof tarpaulin.