High HP Tractor Technology in CLAAS ARION 400 model

Tractors in the CLAAS ARION 400 model range will be available with valuable technical solutions previously only available in CLAAS high-horse-power tractors.

CLAAS ARION 400 Technology include the proven HEXASHIFT transmission, CSM headland management, TELEMATICS and newly developed dynamic steering system is additional option for ARION 400 tractors.

The ARION 400 models are ideal universal tractors for use with any operation thanks to their compact design and an engine range from 90 to 140 HP.

Optimised work solution with HEXASHIFT transmission and CSM headland management
ARION 460 to 430 models are now available in two transmission variants : QUADRISHIFT and HEXASHIFT transmission.

HEXASHIFT transmission : Used on the road at a lower engine rpm with four automated ranges and six power-shift stages. This means less driving noise for the driver and a lower diesel consumption. The six power-shift stages allow for a large gear overlap, so that the optimum rpm and driving speed can be selected for each application. All 24 gears can be conveniently changed using the multifunctional lever, without having to use the clutch pedal. The driver also has the option to completely leave the tractor to automatically change gear by selecting the HEXACTIV power-shift mode.

CSM headland management system : Which is available with CIS colour display. Several tractor functions can be saved as operating sequences with this system, such as electronic control units, power lift, engine rpm and p.t.o. shaft. The operation is very simple and relieves the workload on the driver, especially when it comes to complex driving manoeuvres, which usually require numerous operating steps. A total of 4 headland sequences with up to 200 steps can be saved, which can be activated using the CSM operating panel in the right side console or the multifunction lever.

A steering system : Newly developed dynamic steering system provides relief for many tractor operations, as it allows the driver to change the number of steering wheel rotations for the same steering lock angle at the touch of a button and thus adapt it to the specific task. From stop to stop, the number of steering wheel rotations can be reduced from 4.5 when deactivated, to only one to three rotations. This makes handling significantly easier, especially with steering-intensive work such as when using a front-loader or at a headland.

The driver can choose between three different modes for dynamic steering using the CIS colour display.

Source: http://www.claas.co.in/