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India government gives 34 Mahindra tractors to Malawi for agriculture growth.

India government has donated 34 tractors valued at $1 million on 18 Aug to Malawi.

President Peter Mutharika says it is important to invest in the agriculture sector in order to attain the country’s goal of national development and to uplift the welfare of the people.

The Mahindra Tractors which include allied implements have been given under the grant in-aid to the government of Malawi.

Professor Mutharika said agriculture remains one of the governments sector that is propelling Malawis economy and remains the country’s priority.

According to the Malawi leader, there is overwhelming empirical evidence world over that mechanized farming increases productivity and that farm machinery such as the tractors are crucial to agriculture development in any economy.

"Malwians will agree that reducing the burden of manual labour is a very important way of improving people’s quality of life. Reducing the hours spent on the farm and off-loading those hours to other off-farm activities is very important for the development of our communities especially to our women," added President Mutharika.

He then said the donation will promote and help smallholder and medium scale farmers to graduate from the use of hand hoe to modern methods of agriculture production.

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