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Tractor News: In FY16, John Deere India Exported 24,000 Tractors

John Deere India has become one of the largest tractor exporters from India. During the last fiscal, the company exported 24,000 tractors to 110 countries which are made in India.

MD and CEO (country manager) of John Deere India, Satish Nadiger said that, Deere & Company is sourcing the lower HP tractors from India to address the demand for these tractor across the world and these made in India tractors are have been exported for the last 13 years. Till date, the company has exported 2,00,000 tractors made in India.

When the offtake in the domestic markets did not grow as anticipated, then that time John Deere started exporting from India. John Deere came to India in 1997 in a JV with L&T India and fully acquired the company in 2005.

John Deere started operations with a range of high HP tractors which is a smaller segment of the tractor market. John Deere company has capacity to make 70,000 tractors in Pune and 50,000 units in Dewas plant. Both plants are established just two years ago.

Nadiger also said that, the company used its capacity to export and now India has become an important manufacturing centre for the parent company. In the last year the company manufactured 55,000 tractors and of this 44% of the units were exported. This include above 50 HP as well as below 50 HP tractors.