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Mahindra's New Start-up for Agriculture Mechanization with

Mumbai: Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is a part of the $16.9 billion Mahindra Group. With the launch of TRRINGO, India's foremost organized rental service, it entered into agricultural equipment rental services.

This agricultural equipment rental services dedicated to the farmers of the nation, TRRINGO will operate as a franchisee based model and will effectively bring in new age digital technology to the tractor rental business. This venture would be set up as a new age start-up company and expected to significantly increase the reach of farm mechanization and enable digital empowerment of the farmers of India.

For farmers who may not be able to afford their own tractor and farm equipment, TRRINGO is a first of its kind technology driven model in the tractor rental business. The TRRINGO service will operate on a dual business model.

The first model is one where the franchisee will invest in tractors and equipment to rent them out and set up a hub for operations. TRRINGO will use a proprietary digital platform as an enabler to process orders and pass them on to the nearest franchisee through location based mapping and supports easy accessibility.

TRRINGO will provides service through a dedicated App and a toll-free number. Franchisee could also tie-up with tractor owners in the vicinity enabling them to rent out equipment to farmers on a commission basis.

In the second C2C business model, large farmers who own expensive, high-end equipment can rent out their assets thereby optimizing utilization based on seasonality, cutting across geographies.

Through the App TRRINGO would connect the asset owner to the user. The initiative will drive the mechanization of the Indian agricultural sector, enabling smaller farmers to access technology that can boost their yields and thereby overall farm prosperity.