Strategic Alliance Between VST Tillers Tractors Ltd., India And Pubert India

Bangalore, May 2020: VST Tillers Tractors Limited, pioneers in manufacturing of power tillers, tractors, engines, transmission, power reaper and precision components over five decades and having manufacturing facilities in Hosur, Maluru and Mysuru and corporate office at Bangalore has entered in to Strategic alliance with Pubert India, Pubert is a worldwide leader in the conception and fabrication of machines for the soils and gardens maintenance. The company markets its products under brand name Pubert® and Jardimeca®,

Mr. Antony Cherukara, CEO, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. said that, alliance will strengthen the VST’s focus to provide solutions for marginal farmers. VST is the leader in the power tiller industry with over 50% market share.

The focus is to bring world-class products at an affordable price for the use of Indian farmers and move away from poor quality products from China.

VST’s focus has always been to give the best and world class quality like our power tiller with a Mitsubishi lineage or now the alliance with Pubert France for power weeders. This will empower our farmers with affordable mechanization in a period where the costs are raising and there is huge scarcity of labour. This will also be an opportunity for lots of labour returning to their villages to take up farming once again. Indirectly this is our part in assisting the Nation.