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Machine of the Year award for CLAAS-LEXION 700 series

CLAAS was awarded the ‘Machine of the Year 2016’ for its LEXION 700 series at the Agritechnica trade fair yesterday. This means that the prize for the combine harvester category has once again gone to the leading combine harvester manufacturer in Europe.

The ‘Machine of the Year’ title is awarded each year by a jury of 19 technical journalists from eight European countries, alternately at Agritechnica in Germany and SIMA in France. In all, agricultural innovations in 16 different categories receive awards.

This year, CLAAS once again emerged victorious in the combine harvester category. The ‘Machine of the Year 2015’ award was won by the CLAAS TUCANO at SIMA 2015. Now, the new LEXION 700 series holds the ‘Machine of the Year 2016’ title. The jury made special mention of its technical innovations, such as 4D cleaning and automatic crop flow monitoring, both of which had already received a DLG Silver Medal at Agritechnica.

4D cleaning was developed for combine harvesting on uneven fields, to provide continuous feeding of return pans, preparation floors and the sieve when going up or downhill. 4D cleaning comprises two components: slope-dependent rotor flap control, and automatic fan control. If a machine is fitted with 4D cleaning, it has an additional, third pair of rotor flaps. The active control of these rotor flaps depends on the transverse or longitudinal tilt of the machine, and the current burden on the separation and cleaning elements. Whichever half of a rotor cap segment is on the uphill or downhill side is opened or closed automatically.

Furthermore, to allow early identification of critical peak loads CLAAS has developed an automatic input flow control for the new LEXION 700. This monitors and synchronises the rotational speed of the motor, APS threshing mechanism and ROTO PLUS residual grain separation. If things get serious, the feeder canal, front attachment and grain tank unloading auger are automatically switched off at once to prevent breakdown.

Source: CLAAS