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Motivo Engineering Will Bring Solar Powered Electric Tractor in India.

Motivo Engineering in Torrance has developed an electric tractor that can be charged via solar or standard power means and also be used as a power source.

Motivo specialized in electric vehicle design and energy storage built a tractor that is essentially a large battery with wheels.

A standard extension cord will charge the battery overnight, when electric grids in India are less prone to failure, and a standard solar panel attachment allows farmers to charge up for free during the day.

The tractor can drive 40 kilometers or plough a 5-acre field on a single charge. A rotating piston that sticks out the back allows farmers to attach pulleys, belts or whatever use they might come up with. An open bed on the front can haul produce to market or house a portable generator essentially converting the electric vehicle into a hybrid.

Motivo proposed and is developing a multi-purpose shareable mobile power delivery system for agriculture. Consisting of a separable power module integrated with a small tractor Motivo’s Harvest system provides mobility, rotary power, and electrical power from a single zero-emission platform. Based on a patent-pending power electronics architecture developed by Motivo, Harvest collects power from solar panels, wind turbines, or intermittent electrical grids, stores that power in an on-board battery, and then delivers it on-demand. Harvest can be rented, tracked, and updated via cell network, with all user interaction handled via text messaging. Harvest is flexible, extensible, and scalable. One HARVEST unit can plow a field, power a home, take goods to market, and pump water, all in the same day. Users can easily attach rotary power implements or plug in electric power tools for additional functionality.

Source: Motivo Engineering