Tractor Oils

KMW Oil by Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd for Tractor Engine

In agricultural sector, Kirloskar fulfils the motive power needs of customers globally; essentially farmers, who require products in the range of 3 hp to 130 hp. The company manufactures a variety of quality diesel engines and pump sets powering more than 25 applications across five sectors
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Tractor Oil 'Gulf Tractor Guard 40' for Tractor Engine

Gulf Tractor Guard 40 is a high quality heavy-duty engine oil specially developed for use in farm tractors.
Features of Gulf Tractor Guard 40 - Excellent wear protection, Reduced engine deposits & Lower oil consumption, enhanced engine life and reduced maintenance costs.
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Tractor Oil: 'Castrol Agri MP Plus 10W-30' for Tractor

One oil that delivers high performance and protection for engine, transmission, wet brakes, hydraulic and front axles.
Features and Benefits of Oil- One oil simplifies servicing, avoiding misapplication, One oil reduces inventory, saving money and Excellent cold start protection reduces engine wear Read More