Tractor Parts

Tractor Rotavator : PREET Offer Rotavators to Meet The Requirement of Farmers.

To meet the requirement of farmers or customers from the agricultural sector, PREET offer rotavators that are available in the brand name of Preet.
These rotavators are designed for tractors from 30 to 70 H.P. (5 Ft. to 7 Ft.) at the PTO shaft. These are provided Gear Box on the demand of customers.
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Tractor Rotavator: Sonalika Offer Rotavators for Any Type of Crop.

Rotavator is a rotary tillage implement drive by PTO (Power take of) which cuts, Pulverizes, Mixes and Level the soil in single Pass, Rotovator can be the most economically and effectively be used by replacing 1 Tine Tiller 2 Disc harrow 3 Puddler and 4 Levellers.
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