Tractor Coolants

Total Oil Launches Tractor Oil-Tractagri

Total Oil India Ltd. launched Tractagri, a new tractor oil for better tractor performance and maintenance in two varients- Tractagri XPL and Tractagri XEP.
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Tractor Oil and Coolant by Gulf Oil India

Gulf XHD Supreme is heavy duty diesel engine oils for use in naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines operating under moderate to severe conditions. These are formulated from highly refined base stocks and proven performance additives to provide overall engine protection under variety of operating conditions.
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New Tractor Engine Coolant by Castrol

Castrol Coolant is a high quality cooling system conditioner offering corrosion protection for vehicle cooling systems in warmer climates, where freezing protection is not required. It is suitable for all conventional cooling systems in automobile petrol and diesel engines. Castrol Coolant is a water based formulation containing special organic acid technology. It contains low levels of ethylene glycol and is free from silicates, nitrites, amines and phosphates, minimizing its environmental impact.
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Tractor Engine Coolant by United Petrochem

United Petrochem brings high quality tractor coolant for farmer.
It produces four types of tractor coolant:
1. Heavy Duty Anti Corrosion Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax Royal)
2. Anti Freeze Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax Xtra Life)<
3. Heavy Duty Long Life Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax HD)
4. Engine Coolant Concentrate (Automax Ready Mix)
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