Japan Exclusive Limited Edition Massey Tractors

A “Type GHOST” variant, limited to one unit, applies a paint technique known as “Grinder Tattoo.” This is a unique method utilizing a grinder tool to express flowing ephemeral lines which come and go as you view the machine from different angles, appearing as though it were alive. Elements around the tractor, such as the headlight housing, body, rear fenders, roof, and mirrors, are unified in a candy red metallic coat. Additionally, the MF logo on the front of the bonnet is outlined in an LED light, further enhancing its smart look. This unit was immediately sold at the time of announcement.
Then there is a “Type SOUL” variant, limited to 64 units. These models are painted in a deep red metallic known as “SOUL RED.” Original finishes are fully featured on these models: on either side of the bonnet, the side decals are in different colorways; the headlight housing is finished in black chrome; and the wheels are painted in gold metallic along with a rim stripe representing the colors of the French flag, a celebration of the Massey Ferguson heritage.

• Massey Ferguson
• MSK Farm Machinery Corporation
• Dealer of imported farm machinery
• Headquartered in Eniwa, Hokkaido, Japan
• Holds exclusive rights in japan to sell Massey tractors under the Massy Ferhuson name
• Exclusive dealer of Fendt tractor
• Exclusive dealer of CLAAS forage and combine harvesters in Japan

Other notable brands handle
• AGCO implements
• CLASS implements

• Maschio
• McHale
• Nobili
• Storti
• TONG Engineering
• Topcon

Limited edition Massey Ferguson Tractors
Type GHOST, 1 unit
One of a Kind custom Paint job by Rohan Izawa Art Design

Type SOUL, 64 Units
Painted in deep metallic red known “Soul Red”


Japan exclusively

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of MSK Farm Machinery
MKS has been selling Massey tractors for 68 years since December 1954, when MKS used to be known Tokyo Motor Co.Ltd
The company name was changed to MKS 50 years ago, hence the 50th anniversary commemoration

Source: https://www.masseyferguson.com/