Tractors in India

Force Motors, Balwan Tractors, Orchard Tractors

Force Motors involved in producing range of products such as multi-utility vehicles, light commercial vehicles, sports utility vehicles and agriculture tractors. The Balwan and Orchard are technologically advanced tractors with increased productivity. The Balwan and Orchard tractor contains sport synchromesh transmission and fuel efficient engines.

Force Motors is a fully, vertically integrated automobile company, with expertise in design, development and manufacture of the full spectrum of automotive components, aggregates and vehicles.
Force launched its tractor range for farmers under the brand name called Balwan & Orchard.

Balwan tractor range: Balwan 330, Balwan 400, Balwan 450, Balwan 500 and Balwan 550 Most Popular model is Balwan 500
• Engine: 50HP Category
• Type: 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, Inline, Direct Injection
• Capacity: 2596 cc
• Hydraulics Type: A.D.D.C. System with Bosch Control Valve

Orchard tractors Orchard mini and Orchard DLX
Orchard mini
Engine: 27HP, 1947 cc
Clutch Type: Dry Single Clutch Plate