Tractors in India

SAS Motors, Angad Tractors

SAS Motors Limited incorporated in April 2003 with the mission of making low-cost mechanization technology is available to the Indian Farmers. Its flagship product is ‘Angad Diesel Hal’ – a gender friendly total solution for mechanization of small farms, that can plough, seed, de-weed, spray, irrigate with the required matching accessories. The company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of ‘Angad Diesel Hal’. SAS Motors also provides a range of multi utility agricultural equipment and tractors.

Newly Launched Angad 240D tractor is Low Cost Appropriate Technology for Indian Farmers- upto 25% Less Fuel Consumption.

Special Features :
• More Economical than pair of bullocks.
• Easy to repair and maintain.
• Low Investment, Saving in fuel, huge Profit on custom hiring.
• Suitable for all types of Indian soils.
• Suitable for orchads too.