Sonalika Tractors

About Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika produces wheat seed variety in India. Sonalika also involved in manufacturing tractors, multi-utility vehicles, engines, farm machinery attachments, diesel gensets, auto components and pick & carry cranes.

Sonalika launched its tractors in two segments as International and India models. India model consists of DI series, RX series and Worldtrac series. Sonalika Tractors offer 24 tractors under DI series in the range 30 HP to 50 HP. DI series further expands to Maharashtra special, South India special, Potato special tractors and furthermore. Under RX series, Sonalika Tractors offers 12 Tractors in the range 45 to 60HP. Under WORLDTRAC series, Sonalika offers 2 tractors with 75 HP and 90 HP and 2WD and 4WD option.

International Models: Solis EEC Series, Solis Series and all Indian models of tractors.

Indian Model Worldtrac 75 RX 2W / 4W
• Engine: 75HP, 3707 cc
• Rated RPM: 2200
• Clutch Type: Double Clutch
• Hydraulics: 2500 kg
• Transmission: Synchromesh

Sonalika Produces agriculture implements for sowing, harvesting and different tillages.
It also manufactures various silent generators.
Sonalika auto components contains various tool dies designs, plastic injection moulding components, steel metal components, gears and shafts, hydraulic components, transmission assemblies and rotavator gear box.
Sonalika manufactures various hi-speed engines and low speed engines.